Different Qualities and Features of the Lithonia 2TL2 For Your Office

Different Qualities and Features of the Lithonia 2TL2 For Your Office

The Lithonia 2TL2 Substitute is a high-quality LED light created by Acuity Brands. Acuity Brands is a company dedicated to creating innovative lightings using advanced technology.

The Lithonia 2LT2 Series

The Lithonia 2TL2 Substitute is easy to handle because of the inner formed end flanges and even hemmed sides. It also the door frame is made of aluminum, and it promises high durability and premium appearance. The design of this LED light is lightweight and compact. The light’s design also has integral T-bar clips and end plates to ensure better mounting support.

The longevity of Lithonia 2TL2 can last up to 50,000 hours, which makes it the perfect option for schools, hospitals, and offices. The measurement of the Lithonia 2TL2 is 24 x 24 x 3.750 inches. The size has a thickness of 0.156 inches while the transmissive overlay is 0.040 inch to ensure better brightness control. Energy waste can also be prevented because of the lumen management system. Lithonia is the leader in commercial LED lighting

The long service of life of Lithonia 2TL2 is guaranteed because of the combined abilities of the high-efficiency drivers which are floor accessible and the Durable LED. Plug-in connectors are included in the package to ensure safe operation whenever that there is a direct contact. The plug-in connectors also serve as a key to easy replacement.

The Lithonia 2TL2 provides up to 3300 lumens, 82 CRI while the color temperature is 4000 K. It runs in thirty-eight watts, and it is also CSA approved which makes it the best lighting to use in humid locations. The features and specs of Lithonia 2TL2 is made to ensure that it will bring satisfaction to consumers.



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